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Some of the things I can help you do:

The Basics

• Set up and/or use your computer (Mac or PC) or iPhone
• Set up your modem/wireless router or wireless printer
• Set up your computer to work with one or more operating systems
• Fix syncing issues between Macs and iPhone
• Set up Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Voice, etc.
• Set up Drop Box
• Set up your electronic gadgets and teach you how to use them
• Install the best free anti-virus software
• Ensure that your data is always backed up
• Restore lost data, and help organize your computer data

Customized Services

• Develop custom web and application software
• Create custom software scripts to organize, format, migrate, and/ or distribute your data
• Figure out a suitable electronic gadget to get somebody as a gift

• Figure out what technology you need and do not need
• Make your work flow as efficient as possible
• Become more independent with your computer
• Learn how to program (all ages!)