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Freeman discussed my backup needs with me and sent me links for recommended hardware. He came to my house to set it up along with an online service. A few days later, he checked in with me to make sure everything was working as expected. Couldn’t be easier!

Laura Cook


Freeman has made my life as a small restaurant owner quite a bit less stressful! Before we found him we had gone through many, many unreliable web maintenance people. This led to understandably frustrated customers who didn’t have access to current menus online. Nowadays, Freeman will check in and ask about our seasonal menu changes before we even have them ready for him! He is very nice, finishes everything in a timely matter, and has consulted on other tech related things outside of the web page. I highly recommend him!

Lauren Anderson


“Freeman was indispensable to me as I launched my business.  I had a hundred details to attend to and figuring out an antiquated but vital computer system was not something for which I had time.  Freeman was able to update, reconfigure, explain (without making me feel ignorant), and otherwise handle what need to be done.  He was efficient and agreeable. I have been able to contact him since our work together with small questions as he didn’t cut me off once he was paid.  In the long run he saved me a lot of money and I will call  him again when I upgrade.  I cannot recommend him enough.”

Ellen P. Friedman


“Freeman has been my lifesaver on computers many times. He has diagnosed my problems and suggested new equipment when I need it. Always sees things to the end, and leaves me satisfied.“

C. A. Whitney Professor of Astronomy, emeritus


When it comes to tech, you can be self-sufficient up to a point. When you’re at the point when you need some expertise, Freeman, the Cambridge IT Guy, is definitely your guy. Bring him in and he will get you squared away. Doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with, he will make your life easier, offering tips and better ways of doing things. If you have follow-up questions, he is reachable and responsive.

Lisa Jacobson


I’d recommend a local guy who goes by “Cambridge IT Guy” ( I met with him twice for various issues with migrating from one email account to another as well as fixing annoying pop-ups that would come up on my computer. He’s patient, reliable, knowledgeable, and put me at ease despite the fact that technology is not my strong suit.

Cheryl Browne


Mr. Deutsch quickly wrote a script which sorted 5000 images for me, saving me MANY MANY hours of tedious work on my part. Thank you for a job promptly done and thank you for providing clear instructions on how to run the script.

Sean William Nolan